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Wow I thought I was the only one that paid these nit wits $$$ and they didnt repair anything...........They are the ones in need of repairing.......I think that radio station should do reference checks and check with the better business bureau before just advertising for these Bootlegg Rip Off Companies...Everyone is looking to make a dollar these days at the cost of innocent people......Needless to say I lost $$$ and I am still repairing my own creditMoney loaned or the ability of an individual or company to borrow money.<

GitLikeMe (not verified)

Man, that's fucked up. Sorry to hear that dawg.

Brenda (not verified)

I was reading the review on and saw where you tried it. I wanted to know how it worked out for you.

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OMG I am also a victim of CCRS! AND IM OUT OF MONEY AS WELL

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That is amazing! Unfortunately, you may have to hire an attorney to talk to their attorney to get the situation dropped. You don't want these guys calling your job. You could get fired or they could trying to get some sort of judgement against you to start garnishing your wages.

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These people are truely scamA confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; artists. I applied for an online loan and immediately was contacted by someone from the company. They told me that they couldn't give me a cash advance because of the banking institution that I belonged to and because I didn't have a checking account. Now I'm being harrased by an Attorneys office. They've contacted my job several times for a loan that I did not receive.

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These places were really big around military bases in the late 90's. They are even more popular now. I used to fork over nearly my entire check and then end up having to get another loan from them just to sustain. Lucky enough, I lived in military barracks. My food, lodging, utilities, and transportation on base was provided. Since, I was taken care of so well by Uncle Sam, I was able to survive an entire month without any money. That is definitely a humbling situation. Like all the other advice given. RUN!!!!!!!! Don't give them any information at all!!!

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You know how you can tell if a certain company is a scamA confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; or not? Go to their website, try to exit, and if you get those prompts that are kinda iffy that try to keep you on their website (ie. click cancel to stay on page), pretty much means they're trying reaaaaalllyy hard to get money out of you.

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ill just say my piece (peace ) about this online payday loan mess. Like most folks i read the complaint blogs before deciding to try it. I assumed that the complainers were a few percentage of the majority of folks getting payday loans , so i got one anyway. it was my first , and it will b my last . first let me set up the sitiuation y i got the loan . i had to fly home for my daughters graduation, delta lost my baggage , baby mama needing extra cash for graduation party , cell phone bill overdue,, etc and so i figured to be on the safe side ill get a lil xtra cash to make it thru the festivities... a lil bit of cash $300 payday loan which i was put into my account on 6/2/2011... i was like cool.. the contract stated that they were to take out $390 (rip off) on 6/17/2011..even cool a one time transaction , what a payday loan is supposed to be . i got back home on sunday checkd my account online and everything was ok.. i had not even touched the 300$ that they gave me.. although it was sitting there as a security blanket..on tuesday 6/7 i get a text from the bank informing me that my account was negative.. this fools took the money out on monday night 6/6... dude all my debit transactions from the weekend bounced i had a negative -$554 dollars in my account after all that mess. it was horrible , i had to go up to the bank 3days straight to fix the overdraft fees ... oh n we fix money told me after i asked them to put the money back , they told me that they will put it back for a additional $90 fee....those dudes r criminals ... be afraid

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thanks folks for tha warning

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