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Google Treasure Chest (read the fine print)

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Somehow or another, I was directed to this website the other day about making money with Google. It was called "Google Treasure Chest." According to how I read it, you were going to make money by filling out forms for Google, and Google would pay you for each correctly filled-out form.

So I took the bait. Besides, it was only $0.99 shipping. So I order my "Treasure Chest" cd.

The next morning, I was looking around the site and decided I should take a look at the infamous "Terms and Conditions." I found out that $0.99 wasn't all I had to pay. Every month, they would charge me a recurring monthly fee of seventy some-odd dollars! Can you believe that?

I found the number to cancel and called right away. The "customer service rep" on the other end asked me why I wanted to cancel, and I told her that I didn't like having surprised sprung on me. Long story short, any time you order something from the internet, make sure to read the fine print and the "Terms and Conditions."

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Terms and Conditions can kill you! Some companies put so much garbage in their Terms that I just choose not to deal with them. And you really need to read them for each and every site you go to on the internet. Even for sites from well known retailers need to have their Terms looked over before making a purchase. I bought some tools and appliances from Home Depot and noticed you can NOT take the items back to a local store if there is a problem! Luckily there was no problem with the appliances but the tools were damaged. I had to send them back to Home Depot's service center via UPS and wait for them to send me another set of tools ... AND they were damaged! I just sold the darn tools on eBay and cut my losses. Just won't deal with Home Depot or any well known retailer refusing to allow me to take stuff back to a local store.

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