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This company may or may not be a fraud. What kills me is that these people make me think they are more fraud than truth because they charge so much money for "natural herbal" remedies. Hmmm, natural herbs means the stuff just grows outside in dirt. Why package it and sell it for so much? Plastic bottles, sticky labels and cotton stuffing don't cost that much! Why not show us what field you found the natural herbs in and show us how to grow the herbs? Everybody's out to make a bunch of bucks!

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I was about to use the full body detox until I came across This guy used to work for dherbs and he did most of the herbal mixes for them. He said he tried to get them to lower thier prices because it would increase profits and they refused. So he started his own company and his prices are damn near half of what dherbs was charging. I used to use dherbs products so I compared the products I used to use from them to his and it's exactly the same. I decided to use dhealthstore's full body detox and I stuck to the regimine of raw foods for 3 weeks. I lost 26 lbs and it's been a month later and I still haven't gained that weight back. I decided to eat meat only 3 days a week now bc the detox worked so well for me.

realtalk5000 (not verified) is a dream come true.....they only speak the truth and will out of there way to help you..... and their products are the bomb :)


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I had no problem completing the Full Body Cleanse. Its mostly mind over matter. If you stick to the diet for the 20 days, you lose weight, sleep better and at least a few other of their claims are true. My friend who didn't do the diet regimen correctly didn't lose anything. She cooked her food and ate brown rice and did store bought smoothies. The point is to give your digestive tract a break. No processed foods and foods full of live enzymes. It's not that hard.

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How did the detox work for you? Did you change your diet while on the detox? If so how?

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Well, I am starting my detox from dherbs today. I promise to come back with before and after pics as well as my own personal review of the Total Body Cleanse (Full Body Detox). I'm going to take my weight and measurements, record my diet and let you all know. See you in 20 days.

DHerbs does not work!

My friend ordered it ... she never stuck to what they directions said so she flaked on the project. I don't see how it would work any different than the other detox programs out there.

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That video was stupid i think that was a joke but any why i have been using dherbs products for three years now and i have order the skin hair and nails pills and also the chakra drops and msm and my hair is long and strong my face has a glow to it and the products works. And to the person who said why do the products cost so much you no money make's the world go round he has to make some type of profit for him self, and i also did research on Dejuity he legit and everything checks out he personally sent me and email back on a topic we were decussing and the company actually is real and in la some were do your home people to find whats real in the things we consume

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I fully believe in the Dherbs products I have purchased. The acid buster is the only product that works for my Husband. A small flare up, he takes the acid buster, and it's gone. Without the acid buster, he is now having a full blown gout attack. The items we've bought work.

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Wow, this is a very enlightening thread! I agree that testimonials can be made up on web sites. Heck, they can be made up in any arena. Most testimonials I read about Dherbs are good but who would post the bad testimonials?

The last poster makes a good point about antibodies. I am going to have to research this more!

Thanks for the post!

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