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craigslist and Hotmail Do Not Get Along

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I typed up an elegant description of my furniture and added 4 pictures on craigslist this morning only to hit Continue and have everything wiped out! Hitting the Continue button went straight to a message stating craigslist is temporarily not accepting new posts from Hotmail accounts because Microsoft thinks some of the craigslist emails are spam. Hell, I think craigslist emails are spam too and that is no reason to stop accepting posts from ALL Hotmail accounts! I hate craigslist but thought I would give them a shot for selling my furniture.

I tried hitting the back button to at least copy the text and try reposting the ad. Well, all the text was gone! So I retyped the ad with fewer words and only 1 picture to avoid the disappointment of losing all that text and pics again. Well, the Continue button goes to the temporary denial message again so I quit. craigslist is the most overhyped online service going. I really don't understand what the hype is all about!

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craigslist sucks (not verified)

Why I Hate

I got through all the "temporarily rejecting" Hotmail problems to finally get my stuff posted. Why in the hell does put you through all the trouble to list something for you to be bombarded with people replying who are scammers and spammers? As soon as you post something for sale, you get a bunch of f*ckers who want to pay you with certified checks or Western Union! WTF? I have to go through captcha and email verification just to be harassed by these scam buzzards.

Larry F (not verified)

They got me too this morning. Craigslist is the biggest annoyance on the web. I am trying to force myself to use it so I can figure out what all the hype is surrounding craigslist. I have yet to successfully sell something using craigslist.

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