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Bernie Madoff Transferred to Hospital

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Do we really care if this guy is sick? Wouldn't it be something if he suffered a painful prison stay? After all the money he stole from people!!

Will those people get any of their money back?

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chris (not verified)

I could not believe Madoff got away with this scheme for so long! He got beat up in prison a month or two ago didn't he? I'm surprised someone hasn't killed him in prison! I think the guy who beat him up was a guy Madoff swindled out of some money.

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As of now there is no update on this dud dude to know about. Whereas Harry Markopolos, the man who for years tried to warn federal financial regulators that Bernard Madoff was running a giant Ponzi scheme says the Securities and Exchange Commission is now indeed working really hard to better at policing the industry. With the mad world out there, actions should be very severe and responsive in averting another mishap with public funds.

Frederick (not verified)

Everybody thought he was beat up by another inmate. In fact, Madoff was taken to Duke University Medical Center in Durham with facial fractures, broken ribs and a collapsed lung after he fell out of bed onto his face!

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