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Armando Montelongo's program

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He and his wife are both crooks. There system that they are selling dose not even work. You can get the same information that they use from any book store or library. Check out this web site and see how many people are suing. It worth the time to read.

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Hmmm, nope. I don't think they sell anything on this site. You would have to call Armando's number and order from him.


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Can I buy the DVD from you?

JW (not verified)

I order the cd and DVD as well.The salesperson was very pushy about getting me to allow them to send me the program free for 30 days.Told him over and over I didn`t want the program yet just wanted to see what the CD and DVD was all about and of course do some research on his program.The guy on phone said he couldn`t understand why anyone wouldn`t take the program material for free for 30 days.I told him because I just had a baby girl that is 3 months old and won`t have time right now to put any time into program for 30 days,plus if you don`t send it back they will charge your creditMoney loaned or the ability of an individual or company to borrow money. card,thinking that since you didn`t send it back you must want to keep it.That is another way they make money is by hoping people forget to send back material in time.I did receive both CD and DVD,though.
Here`s a number that came with DVD and CD you can try... 1-800-771-6202 also there`s this number 1-800-845-8219

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I read he was going to be sued or is already caught up in a lawsuit with this false advertisingThe use of false or misleading statements in advertising.. Now is definitely not the time to be trying to flip houses because buyers are scarce and house values are going down. Once the economy rebounds, you may be able to flip houses again. You don't need Armando Montelongo's program to flip houses though. A good realtor and a good bank are all you need.

J Percival Borja (not verified)

Armando(Armondo?) Montelongo sent me a letter about his program, I wrote back and ordered the trial DVDs. I did not receive DVDs but CDs. I opted out of the program, but I was not able to talk to any of his people. I recently received a demand payment letter from N.A.R. ordering me to pay $443.50 to Armondo Montelongo. To my knowledge, I never ordered a program that will cost me $443.50. Firstly, I can't afford to buy such program. Secondly, I never used the CDs, I wanted to return the CDs but I cannot speak to a live person, all I got is an answering machine. Can anybody give me a phone number of an email address, that I can call or send a message to Armando Montelongo?

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Looks like their may be a lawsuit brewing over this stuff. This has to be false advertisement at some point. Everybody and their mama wants to sell a "Get Rich Quick Scheme!"

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Total waste of money! I bought this crap and was basically presented a bunch of hype. I would love to see if anybody who purchased this mess has succeeded in flipping property after property after property without spending any money!

I Got Jacked Up!

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Get rich schemes like these never work! You will never find a banker who is willing to do what these guys promise unless you are already filthy rich or have an 800 creditMoney loaned or the ability of an individual or company to borrow money. rating! Buying houses without using YOUR money ... won't happen! Buying houses with no money down ... won't happen!

The techniques they teach only work in 5 markets in the US at a time in recent times. The housing market is horrible so please don't waste your time buying "flipping houses" training videos. There is a great chance you will lose your money!

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I have not used this program, but know of people who did and they had a pretty good experience. But too they did not get anything from the financing part they did find private investors for the projects.

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