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We got into the Amway business a few years ago. We actually got in under my parents. It seem to work for awhile. But, we felt that we were misleading new recruits. In addition to that we felt that it was not a good idea to mix family with business. Have you had any experience with Amway and was it positive or negative?

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I third that! You can't just buy the 'great' products from yourself, but you MUST resell the plan. That is where you make the real money, when u sucker all your friends and family members to fall into the trap. And most of your friends and family will not have the guts or whatever it takes to cut their losses and walk away from the scamA confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; .

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Exactly. Me, too. I had the same experience. My in-laws have used Amway products for probably a couple of decades. So, we thought we would try it too. Well, buying the products isn't enough. It is a very high pressure company. I don't like their techniques in trying to get everybody you know to jump aboard. Basically, I don't like being pushed into anything or trying to do the same to others.

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Amway has been nothing but a negative experience for me. Family and friends are the worse way to go into Amway. Now I can't look my friends in the face for dragging me into Amway. And I feel horrible for the family and friends I recruited into Amway. I got in thinking I could just buy the products from myself and just live with the discounted products. NOPE! You have to sell the plan to other people and keep building up the bottom of the pyramid.

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